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BC Chiropractic Association

Research into the effectiveness of chiropractic care is ongoing and has shown benefits to many patients. Approximately 1 million British Columbians visit a chiropractor each year to recover from injuries and pains associated with everyday living.

It is common for patients to report pain relief and improvements in their quality of life as a result of chiropractic treatment. Sometimes, changes are immediate, and in some cases (depending on the condition) changes are slow to occur. Patients notice a difference in 3 to 5 visits and full recovery in 6 to 8 visits* on average, depending on the nature of their condition or injury.

*Although the provincial average is 6 to 8 visits the range is broad with some patients responding faster than others.

ICBC/BC Chiropractic Association

After The Car Crash: Vehicle collisions are far too commonplace and result in painful, debilitating injuries. There are options when it comes to recovery. Consult your family chiropractor for further information as soon as possible after a crash. Your chiropractic doctor will provide all injury reports to ICBC.

WorksafeBC / BC Chiropractic Association

Think Twice. Lift Once: Spine and notably low back related injury accounts for approximately 25% of work place injury and WCB costs in Canada. Lifts and positions are only two common examples of preventable causes. When accidents do occur on the job, early return to work in less than 1 week is noted by approximately 70% of injured workers attending their family chiropractor. This RTW (return to work) demonstrates recovery of health and function, and demonstrates opportunity for lower employer assessment and related HR costs. Injured workers can contact their family chiropractic immediately when hurt on the job. Company safety officers can learn more about prevention and early treatment for return to work by contacting the BCCA about Think Twice Lift Once.

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